The Maintenance

Company's Refund Policy

Mutual Contract For Customer Refunds

We as Themaintiance.pk (Owned & Operated By Trends & Cultural Enterprises- reg.# 4273) as FIRST PARTY is a maintenance company Providing Repair Services to customers through online Bookings. 

We are hereby entering in a Refund Contract with the SECOND PARTY  Mr./Mrs.(As Mentioned in Form/Invoice)– S/O— (As mentioned in Form/Invoice) .

I, Mr./Mrs.(As Mentioned in Form/Invoice) as SECOND PARTY legally agreed with the Themaintenance.pk Refund policy.

  1. Customer’s Can Claim their refunds within 30 Days of Repair From the date of Invoice
  2. Themaintenance.pk will be responsible for refund customer’s amount after 25% Deduction on Total Bills
  3. Customer Will be Responsible for any Bank Transfer Charges upon refund
  4.  Refund will be Only processed if Any Appliances repair work will be Out of Our Scope of Work “OR” If our Designed Professional team will send us the report that Appliances are not repairable Anymore
  5. All Refunds will be Processed with 5 to 7 Working Days after the approval of Refund request from Finance Team of Themaintenance.pk
  6. If After Repair Work is done, Customer is Still Re-Claiming for their Refunds without letting our Professional Staff to Re-Check the Repair work for the Purpose to Diagnose the final issue in Appliances & Preparation of Final Audit Report of Repair,  Then Themaintenance.pk has a complete legal right to hold the Full amount of refund Until the Submission of final Report from Designated Team Professionals.
  7. If Appliances are repaired or Checked by any third party Service Provider, Then 30 days Checking warranty will be Void automatically
  8. In Case of Air Conditioner Appliances, If Location is Changed by Third Party Service Provider, Repair and Service Warranty will be Void
  9. Themaintenance.Pk reserves complete rights to take legal action against the Clients if Our Designated Professionals are treated (including but not limited to) in Bad Manners, Absoused or Misbehaved upon Re-checking of Repair work in Customer Premises for the Purpose to get Best Solutions.
  10. Themaintenance.pk reserves the right to add, change, modify, or remove some or full portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notification to user. These Changes will be effective from the date posted on the Website with no other notice provided to any user. Please check these Terms and Conditions Regular Basis to get latest updates
  11. By Clicking on Submit Button on Refund Request From You are legally bound with the Company”s refund policy along with above mentioned terms & Conditions