The Maintenance

Terms & Conditions

Service Outsourcing / Mutual Contract

We as Themaintiance.pk (Owned & Operated By Trends & Cultural Enterprises- reg.# 4273) as FIRST PARTY is a maintenance company Providing Repair Services to customers through online Bookings. 

We are outsourcing the services of the SECOND PARTY Mr./Mrs.(As Mentioned in Form)– S/O— (As mentioned in Form) — having CNIC (As mentioned in Form) as a (Job Title as mentioned in Form)  Service provider for a limited time period for a year from the date of sign in which is extendable with the mutual understanding of both parties.

  1. The main responsibilities of the second party are to perform all kind of (Job Activities as mentioned in Form) work activities for customers on behalf of the FIRST PARTY
  2. The FIRST PARTY will be liable to make the payment of Agreed % from the total of customer billed amount to Second Party on agreed payment periods (On daily Basis) in regard to renting the services of Second Party.
  3. FIRST-PARTY will not liable to make any Other payment to the second party which doesn’t belong to the services provided by Second Party including but not limited to overtime, incentives, Vehicle fuel & Maintenance cost, Bonus, Medical allowances, End of Service Benefits, Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Material cost and all other lawful Payments allied to this underemployment rules & regulations in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  4. As the Second party is not the employee of Company So there will be no salary payment for the second party. This is just a contract of providing technical services to customers upon requirement’s on agreed payment sharing percentage terms.
  5. FIRST-PARTY will not responsible for any personal payments/Disputes between the second party and third party (person, company, bank etc. called as Third Party)
  6. FIRST-PARTY will not be responsible for any of the customer damages including but not limited to Damages of property, Damages of Appliances & all other lawful damages allied to it made by the second party. In case any kind of damages claimed by the customer, the Second Party will be liable to face the issue in the court of law as an individual person.
  7. FIRST-PARTY will not be responsible for any of the illegal/Criminal activity performed by Second Party including but not limited to, Sexual/Emotional Harassment, Theft of Personal & Valuable Goods / Gold / Money from customer premises, supplying of Customer confidential/Residential information to 3rd party for any criminal act & all other Criminal acts allied to it. In case any kind of criminal activity reported by the customer, the Second Party will be liable to face the issue in the court of law as an individual person.
  8. This contract will be considered as a void contract /agreement between both parties if the second party (including but not limited to) is found under fraudulent or suspicious activities and FIRST PARTY has right to claim the damages from the second party in the court of law.
  9. If SECOND PARTY will be unable to pay Agreed % Decided share to FIRST PARTY with in the decided timer period, the company will take legal action to recover Companies share and Legal Cost will also be paid by SECOND PARTY.